[SCCA SOLO II] Solo II Car Classifications

This is derived from portions of the 2010  National SCCA Solo Rules (Copyright Sports Car Club of America 2010; all rights reserved).

It is believed to be correct, but any questions should be referred to the official rules as published by the SCCA Now available online! It has been provided to help you new (and veteran) solo drivers to determine the class in which your car will run, then check out what you're up against!

SCCA published car class lists for a while, but since they have abandoned the effort I have resumed publishing the lists for Stock and Street Prepared categories.

If you have rules questions,
email Howard Duncan at SCCA Rally/Solo Department

Your webmaster does not have special authority or knowledge about the rules.  And he gets cranky if he believes you have not read the rules first.  Contact me if the page does not work.

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