It is believed to be correct, but any questions should be referred to the official rules as published by the SCCA Now available online!

It is the intention of SCCA to class all essentially identical vehicles from the same manufacturer (which differ only cosmetically or in nominal marquee designation) in the same class. If a version is omitted from the class listing, and is otherwise eligible for the category, then its classification will be the same as the equivalent car which is listed.

All unclassified cars will compete in Super Stock until classified by the SEB, unless covered by a “catch-all” description. To use the catch-alls at the end of the specific car classes in Appendix A, start from Super Stock and work down the classes until a class is found. Such unclassified cars will not be eligible for Divisionals, Tours, or the National Championships. Members should look for a Tech Bulletin in an early current-year issue of the official SCCA publication (Fastrack News) for details or contact the National office.

[Excluded models are listed in the class lists, linked below]


AWD - All-wheel drive RWD - Rear wheel drive
FWD - Front wheel drive NOC - Not Otherwise Classified
nV - refers to the number (n) of valves Vn - refers to the number (n) of cylinders

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