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This is an unofficial transcription of the Stock Category Car Classifications from the 2011 SCCA National Solo Rules. (Copyright Sports Car Club of America 2011; all rights reserved;) It is believed to be correct, but any questions should be referred to the official rules as published by the SCCA. Order your own copy here.

Last modified 6/27/2011
Entries changed after 2010 rule book was published will be shown like this
Entries changed after 2011 rule book was published will be shown like this

Index of Makes
AMC Acura Alfa Romeo Audi Austin Austin-Healey BMW
Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Daewoo Datsun DeTomaso
Dodge Eagle Ferrari Fiat Fiat/Bertone Ford GMC
General Motors Geo Honda Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar
Jensen Kia Lancia Lexus Lincoln Lotus MG
MINI Maserati Mazda Mercedes Mercury Merkur Mitsubishi
Morgan Nissan Nissan/Datsun Oldsmobile Opel Peugeot Pininfarina
Plymouth Pontiac Porsche Renault Saab Saleen Saturn
Scion Shelby Subaru Sunbeam Suzuki TVR Tesla
Toyota Triumph Volkswagen Volvo Yugo
AMC FS AMX HS Gremlin (4-cyl & 6-cyl)
  FS Javelin (V8) HS Spirit (4-cyl & 6-cyl)
Acura HS CL (4-cyl) GS CL (6-cyl)
  HS Integra ('86-'89) HS Integra (NOC) ('90-'01)
  GS Integra GS-R ('92-'01) DS Integra Type R
  GS Legend BS NSX
  HS RSX (non-Type S) GS RSX Type S
  GS TL & TL Type S HS TSX
  GS Vigor    
Alfa Romeo HS 1300 HS 1600
  GS 164 (non-S) ('91-'93) GS 1750 & 1750 GTV
  HS 2000 (4-door sedans) ES 2000 GTV
  ES 2000 Spider GS GTV V6
  GS Milano HS Sedans (NOC)
Audi DS "A3 quattro (3.2L V6, AWD)('06-'09)" HS 100 (non-S4)
  GS 200 Turbo Quattro HS 4000 (all)
  HS 5000 (non-turbo) GS 5000 Turbo
  HS 80 & 90 (all) GS A3 (FWD) ('06-'11)
  GS A4 (V6 & 4-cyl Turbo) DS A5 ('08-'11)
  GS A6 GS A8 & V8 quattro (AWD)
  GS Quattro Coupe (Turbo) HS Quattro Coupe (non-turbo)
  BS RS4 BS RS6 (C5 chassis) ('03-'04)
  DS S4 ('00-'03) GS S4 (100 CS chassis) ('92-'94)
  FS S4 (V8) ('04-09) AS S4 (’10-'11)
  BS S4 (’10-’11) BS S5 ('08-'11)
  GS TT (FWD) ('00-'09) GS TT 2.0 Turbo ('08-'11)
  DS TT Quattro (AWD) BS TT-S ('09-’11)
Austin HS Mini (all)    
Austin-Healey HS 100/4 HS 100/6
  HS 3000 HS Sprite (all)
BMW DS "3 Series (6-cyl, except M3 & 325e)('75-'11)" DS "335i ('07-'11), 335i xDrive('07-'11), 335d ('09-'11)"
  FS "5 series (6-cyl, NOC)" CS "Z3 (6-cyl, NOC)('97-'02)"
  AS 1 Series M Coupe ('11) DS 128i & 135i ('08-'11)
  HS 1600 HS 1800
  HS 1800 TiSA HS 1800ti
  HS 2000 CS Coupe GS 2002 (all)
  HS 318 (NOC) GS 318i & 318is ('91)
  HS 318i & 318is ('92-'98) GS 318ti ('95-'99)
  HS 320 GS 325E (eta engine)
  FS 335 (all) ('07-10) FS 6 series coupe
  HS 7 series (6-cyl) FS 8 series coupe (all)
  CS M Coupe & M Roadster ('96-'00) BS M Coupe & Roadster ('01-'02)
  AS M3 ('08-'11) CS M3 (E30 & E36 chassis)('88-'91 & '95-'99)
  BS M3 (E46 chassis) FS M5 ('00-03)
  BS M5 ('04-'11) FS M5 ('88-93)
  ES Z3 (4-cyl)('96-'98) BS Z4 (non-M) Coupe('06-'08) & Roadster('02-'11)
  AS Z4 M Coupe & Roadster ('06-'08)    
Buick GS Reatta FS Regal & Grand National (Turbo V6)
Cadillac DS CTS FS CTS-V
  GS Catera AS XLR
Chevrolet FS "Camaro (V8, NOC)" HS "Cobalt (2.2L, all) ('05-10)"
  HS "Corvair (2 carb, non-turbo)" BS "Corvette (C4 chassis, all) ('84-'96)"
  AS "Corvette (C5 chassis, non-Z06)('97-'04)" SS "Corvette (C6 chassis, non-ZR-1)('05-'11)"
  HS "Nova (4-cyl & 6-cyl, RWD)('62-'79)" HS Aveo
  HS Beretta (NOC) GS Camaro (V6)
  HS Camaro (inline-4 & inline-6) FS Camaro SS (base car only incl. GM-installed 1LE) ('98-'02)
  HS Chevette GS Cobalt SS (2.0L SC) ('05-'07)
  DS Cobalt SS (2.0L Turbo) ('08-'11) GS Cobalt SS (2.4L) ('06-'07)
  GS Cobalt Sport (2.4L) ('08) GS Corvair (Turbo & 4-carb)
  FS Corvette ('53-62) CS Corvette ('63-'82)
  SS Corvette Z06 (C5 chassis)('01-'04) HS Cruze
  GS Malibu (all) ('08-'11) HS Nova (FWD)
  HS Spectrum (all) HS Sprint (all)
  HS Vega & Cosworth Vega    
Chrysler FS 300 & 300C ('04-'11) HS 300M ('99-'04)
  GS Cirrus (V6) GS Conquest Turbo
  DS Crossfire BS Crossfire SRT6
  HS Laser (non-turbo) GS Laser Turbo
  GS PT Cruiser (Turbo) ('03-'09) HS PT Cruiser (non-turbo) ('01-'10)
  CS Prowler HS Sebring (4-cyl)
  GS Sebring (V6)    
Daewoo HS 4-cyl models GS 6-cyl models
Datsun ES "2000, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX(non-turbo)" HS 1200
  HS 1500 & 1600 Roadsters HS 210 & B-210
  FS 280ZX Turbo GS 310 & 310 GX
  HS 510 HS 610
  HS 710 HS 810
  HS F10    
DeTomaso BS Mangusta BS Pantera
Dodge FS "Challenger & Challenger SRT8 (V8, all) ('08-'11)" HS "Charger (non turbo, FWD)('81-'87)"
  HS "Colt (1.4L & 1.5L, FWD)" HS "Colt (1600, FWD)"
  GS "Shadow (Turbo & V6, NOC)" HS 024 (1.7L)
  HS Avenger (4-cyl) GS Avenger (V6)
  GS Caliber SRT4 HS Challenger (2.6L)
  GS Challenger (V6) ('09-'11) ES Charger Turbo
  HS Colt (1.8L 16v) ('93-'94) HS Colt (RWD)
  HS Colt Turbo ('84-'88) HS Colt Turbo (16v)
  GS Conquest Turbo HS Daytona (4-cyl non-turbo)
  GS Daytona IROC R/T GS Daytona Turbo (NOC)
  HS GLH (non-turbo) ES GLH Turbo
  HS Intrepid GS Lancer Turbo
  FS Magnum ('05-08) FS Magnum SRT8 ('06-08)
  HS Neon ('00-'05) GS Neon ('95-'99)N/A
  HS Omni (1.7L & 2.2L) FS Ram SRT10 ('04-06)
  HS Rampage (2.2L) GS SRT-4 (Neon chassis)
  HS Shadow (4-cyl non-turbo) GS Spirit (4-cyl Turbo & V6)
  HS Spirit (4-cyl non -turbo) GS Spirit R/T
  GS Stealth (non-turbo) FS Stealth Turbo
  HS Stratus (4-cyl) GS Stratus (V6)
  SS Viper GTS ('96-'05) SS Viper R/T ('92-'03)
  SS Viper SRT-10 ('03-'07)    
Eagle HS "Summit (non-turbo, NOC)" HS Summit (1.8L 16v) ('93-'96)
  HS Summit Turbo (16v) HS Talon (16v non-turbo)
  DS Talon Turbo (AWD) GS Talon Turbo (FWD)
Ferrari CS 308 & 328    
Fiat HS 124 (all) HS 128
  HS 131 (Mirafiori) HS 850 (all)
  HS Brava HS Strada
Fiat/Bertone ES X-1/9 (all)    
Ford FS "Mustang (V8, NOC)" GS "Mustang 4-cyl Turbo, V6 (‘79-‘93)"
  HS Aspire HS Contour (4-cyl)
  GS Contour SE & Contour SVT (V6) HS Cortina (all)
  HS EXP (all) HS Escort (all)
  HS Festiva HS Fiesta
  HS Fiesta('11) GS Five Hundred
  HS Focus & Focus SVT HS Focus PZEV (2.3L)
  HS Fusion (4-cyl) GS Fusion (6-cyl)
  HS Mustang (Inline-4 & Inline-6) AS Mustang Boss 302 (’12)
  BS Mustang Boss 302 NOC(’12) FS Mustang Cobra ('03-04)
  FS Mustang GT ('11-'11) BS Mustang GT500 ('07-'11)
  HS Mustang II (4-cyl & 6-cyl) FS Mustang Mach 1 ('03-04)
  GS Mustang SVO('84-'86) FS Mustang SVT Cobra
  FS Mustang Shelby GT (T82 & 54U factory option package only)('07-08) BS Mustang Shelby GT500 ('07-'11)
  GS Mustang V6('05-'11) DS Mustang V6('11)
  GS Mustang V6('94-'04) HS Pinto
  GS Probe (4-cyl Turbo & V6) ('89-'92) HS Probe (4-cyl non-turbo) ('89-'92)
  GS Probe (all) ('93-'97) HS Taurus (NOC)
  GS Taurus SHO HS Tempo
  GS Tempo (V6) HS Thunderbird (V6 non-S/C)('89-'97)
  FS Thunderbird (V8 & V6 Supercharged) GS Thunderbird Turbo
  HS ZX-2 & Escort ZX-2 (non-SR) GS ZX2 S/R ('99-'03)
GMC FS Syclone FS Typhoon
General Motors GS "FWD models (4-cyl Turbo, 6-cyl, Ecotec, or Quad 4 engines, NOC)" HS FWD models (NOC)
  HS RWD V6 models (NOC)    
Geo HS Metro HS Prizm
  HS Spectrum HS Storm (all)
Honda HS 600 HS 800
  HS Accord (4-cyl) GS Accord (V6)
  HS CR-Z ('11) HS CRX (non-Si)
  GS CRX Si HS Civic ('06-'11)
  HS Civic (NOC) HS Civic EX & Civic LX ('88-'11)
  HS Civic Si ('02-'05) GS Civic Si ('06-'11)
  GS Civic Si ('86-'87) HS Civic Si ('89-'91)
  HS Civic Si ('99-'00) GS Civic Si Mugen ('08)
  HS Civic del Sol DX HS Civic del Sol S & Si ('94-'97)
  HS Civic del Sol VTEC HS Fit
  HS Insight HS Prelude ('79-'91)
  GS Prelude ('97-'01) GS Prelude (2.3L DOHC) ('92-'96)
  HS Prelude S ('92-'96) GS Prelude VTEC ('93-'96)
  BS S2000 (all)    
Hyundai HS Accent ('95-'11) GS Genesis Coupe (4-cyl Turbo)('11)
  FS Genesis Coupe (V6) ('10-'11) HS NOC
  HS Scoupe (all) HS Tiburon (all)
Infiniti HS G20 FS G35 Coupe
  DS G35 Sedan FS G37
  GS M30 FS Q45
Isuzu HS I-Mark (all) HS Impulse (non-turbo)
  GS Impulse Turbo (all) HS Manta
  HS Stylus (all)    
Jaguar FS S-Type (6-cyl) FS S-Type R
  FS Sedans (12-cyl) DS X Type (3.0L) ('02-'08)
  GS X-type(2.5L) ('02-'05) FS XJ ('98-'11)
  FS XJ-S('76-'96) HS XK-120
  HS XK-140 HS XK-150
  FS XK8 ('97-'06 ) CS XKE
  BS XKR Coupe    
Jensen CS Jensen Healey    
Kia HS Forte & Forte Koup (2.0L) GS Forte & Forte Koup (2.4L)
  HS Optima HS Sephia (1.8L)
  HS Spectra5    
Lancia HS Beta (all) HS Scorpion
Lexus FS 400 GS ES 250
  GS ES 300 GS GS 300
  FS GS400 AS IS F ('08-'11)
  DS IS250 ('06-'11) DS IS300
  DS IS350 ('06-'11) FS SC300
Lincoln GS LS (V6 sedans) FS LS (V8 sedans)
  FS Mark VIII    
Lotus CS 7 & 7A HS Cortina
  CS Eclat CS Elan (RWD)
  CS Elan +2 SS Elise (non-SC) ('05-'11)
  CS Elite (1216cc) CS Elite 2+2
  CS Esprit (non-turbo) AS Esprit Turbo ('96-'04)
  CS Europa AS Evora (n/a)('10-'11)
  SS Exige (normally-aspirated)('05)    
  HS MGC HS Midget (all)
  HS “T” Series    
MINI HS Clubman (non-S) ('08-10) DS Clubman S
  CS Clubman S JCW ('09-'11) HS Cooper (non-S) ('02-10)
  DS Cooper S CS Cooper S JCW ('06-'11)
Maserati BS "Coupe('02-'07), Spyder('02-'07), & Gran Sport('04-'07)" CS BiTurbo
Mazda GS "MX-6 (V6 & 4-cyl Turbo, all)" ES "RX-7 (non-turbo, all)"
  HS 2 (’11) HS 3 ('04-'11)
  HS 323 (1.6L 8v) GS 323 GT Turbo (sedan)
  GS 323 GTX Turbo (AWD) HS 6 (4-cyl)
  GS 6 (V6) ('03-'11) HS 626 (all)
  HS 808 HS 929
  HS Cosmo HS GLC (all)
  HS MX-3 (all) CS MX-5 Miata (including MS-R '07) ('06-'11)
  GS MX-6 (4-cyl) ('93-'97) HS MX6 (4-cyl non-turbo) ('88-'92)
  DS MazdaSpeed3 DS MazdaSpeed6
  CS Mazdaspeed Miata ('04-'05) GS Mazdaspeed Protégé
  ES Miata (1.6L) ES Miata (1.8L) ('94-'97)
  CS Miata (1.8L) ('99-'05) HS Millenia
  GS Millenia S (Supercharged) HS Protégé (NOC)
  HS Protégé MP3('01) HS R100
  HS RX-2 HS RX-3
  HS RX-4 AS RX-7 (Turbo) ('93-'95)
  CS RX-7 Turbo ('87-'91) CS RX-8
Mercedes GS 190 (16v) GS 190 (2.6L)
  GS 280 BS C 32 AMG('02-'04)
  FS C 36 AS C 63 AMG ('08-'11)
  GS C230 ('99-'07) GS C230 (190 hp)
  DS C280 ('01-'07) GS C280 ('95-'00)
  DS C300 ('07-'11) DS C320('01-'05)
  DS C350 ('07-'11) FS CLK
  BS CLK 55 AMG('01-'06) FS E 55 AMG
  BS SLK 32 AMG ('02-'04) BS SLK 350('05-'11)
  BS SLK 55 AMG('05-'11)    
Mercury HS "Capri (4-cyl & V6, German)" GS "Capri (4-cyl Turbo & V6, US)"
  HS "Capri (4-cyl, US)" HS Bobcat
  HS Capri (FWD) FS Capri (V8)
  HS Cougar (4-cyl) ('99-'02) GS Cougar (V6)
  FS Cougar (V8 & V6 Supercharged) HS LN-7 (all)
  HS Lynx (all) HS Milan (4-cyl)
  GS Milan (6-cyl) GS Montego
  HS Mystique (4-cyl) GS Mystique (V6)
  HS Sable HS Scorpio
  HS Topaz (4-cyl) GS Topaz (V6)
  HS Tracer (all)    
Merkur GS XR4Ti    
Mitsubishi HS "Eclipse (8v & 16v, non-turbo)" GS 3000 GT (non-turbo)
  FS 3000 GT Turbo HS Cordia (all)
  GS Eclipse ('00-'11) DS Eclipse Turbo (AWD)
  GS Eclipse Turbo (FWD) HS Galant (4-cyl non-turbo)
  GS Galant (V6) GS Galant VR4
  HS Lancer (non-turbo) BS Lancer Evolution('03-'11)
  DS Lancer Ralliart ('09-'11) HS Mirage (all)
  HS Precis HS Premier (all)
  HS Starion (non-turbo) GS Starion Turbo
  HS Tredia (all)    
Morgan ES "Plus 4, 4/4" CS Plus 8
Nissan GS 200SX (4-cyl Turbo & V6) GS 240SX (all)
  GS 300 ZX (non-turbo) ('90-96) FS 300 ZX Turbo ('84-90)
  GS 300ZX (non-turbo) ('84-'89) CS 300ZX Turbo ('90-'96)
  CS 350Z (all) ('03-'09) CS 370Z ('09-'11)
  GS Altima ('02-'11) GS Maxima ('92-'11)
  BS NISMO 370Z ('09-'11) GS NX2000 ('91-'93)
  GS Sentra (2.0L) ('00-'01) GS Sentra SE-R ('02-'11)
  GS Sentra SE-R ('91-'94) GS Sentra SE-R Spec-V ('02-'11)
Nissan/Datsun HS 200SX (4-cyl non-turbo) HS Altima
  HS Maxima (NOC) HS NX1600
  HS Pulsar (all) HS Sentra ('82-'90)
  HS Sentra (1.6L) ('91-'99) HS Sentra (1.8L) ('00-'06)
  HS Sentra SE (2.0L) ('95-'99) HS Stanza
  HS Versa ('07-'11)    
Oldsmobile GS Calais W41    
Opel HS 1100 HS 1900 (all)
  HS GT    
Peugeot HS 405 DL & 405 S GS 405 Mi16 ('89-'92)
  GS 505 ('79-'91)    
Pininfarina HS 2000    
Plymouth HS Acclaim (4-cyl non-turbo) GS Acclaim (V6 & 4-cyl Turbo)
  HS Arrow HS Champ
  HS Colt (1.5L) HS Colt (1.8L 16v) ('93-'94)
  HS Horizon HS Laser (non-turbo)
  HS Neon ('00-'01) GS Neon ('95-'99)N/A
  CS Prowler HS Sapporo
  HS Scamp (2.2L) HS Sundance (4-cyl non-turbo)
  GS Sundance (V6 & 4-cyl Turbo) HS TC-3
  HS Turismo    
Pontiac FS "Firebird (V8, NOC)" FS "Firebird Trans Am & Formula (WS6, base car only, including GM-installed 1LE) ('98-'02)"
  HS Fiero (4-cyl) ES Fiero (V6)
  GS Firebird (V6) HS Firebird (inline-4 & inline-6)
  HS G5 (2.2L) (’07-’09) GS G5 GT (2.4L) (’07-’08)
  GS G8 (V6) ('08-'09) FS G8 (V8 & NOC) ('08-09)
  FS GTO ('04-06) HS Lemans (FWD)('88-'93)
  CS Solstice (non-GXP) ('06-'09) BS Solstice GXP('07-'09)
  HS Sunfire (2.2L) HS T-1000
  FS Trans Am Turbo (V-6) HS Vibe
Porsche BS "911 (993 chassis, non-turbo)('95-'98)" CS "911 (non-turbo, NOC)"
  CS "Boxster (986 chassis, non-S)('97-'04)" HS 356 (non-Carrera)
  CS 356 Carrera (4-cam) AS 911 (996 chassis) ('98-'05)
  SS 911 (997 chassis) CS 911 Club Sport
  SS 911 GT3 (996 chassis) SS 911 Turbo (930 chassis) ('74-'89)
  HS 912 CS 914 (all)
  HS 924 (Audi engine) ES 924 Turbo (Audi engine)('79-'81)
  ES 924S CS 928 (all)
  CS 944 (16v) ES 944 (8v)
  CS 944 Turbo (all) CS 968
  BS Boxster (non-S) ('05-'08) AS Boxster S ('05-'08)
  SS Boxster S ('09-'11) BS Boxster S (986 chassis) ('00-'04)
  SS Boxster Spyder ('11) AS Boxster and Cayman (non-S) ('09-‘11)
  CS Carrera 2 & Carrera 4 (964 chassis) BS Cayman (non-S) ('05-'08)
  SS Cayman R ('12) AS Cayman S ('06-'08)
  SS Cayman S ('09-'11)    
Renault HS NOC    
Saab DS 9-2X Aero (2.0L Turbo) GS 9-2X Linear (2.5L)
  GS 900 (V6) ('94-'97) HS NOC
  GS Turbo models (NOC)    
Saleen BS Mustang (N/A)    
Saturn HS 8v HS Astra ('08-'09)
  HS DOHC models (NOC) GS ION Redline
  HS Ion HS L series (4-cyl)
  GS L series (6-cyl) CS Sky ('06-'09)
  BS Sky Redline    
Scion HS "tC (incl Release Series 5.0, '09)('05-'11)" HS xA ('04-'06)
  HS xB ('08-'11)    
Shelby HS Charger (non-turbo) ES Charger GLH-S ('87)
  BS Cobra (all) FS GT350
  FS GT500 ('67-70)    
Subaru DS Forester 2.5XT HS Impreza (NOC)
  GS Impreza 2.5 (N/A) DS Impreza WRX (non-STI)
  BS Impreza WRX STI (Including Special Edition) HS Legacy 2.5 GT
  DS Legacy 2.5GT ('05-'11) HS NOC
  GS SVX HS Sedan Turbo (NOC)
Sunbeam HS Alpine (4-cyl) ES Tiger
Suzuki HS Esteem GL HS Forenza
  HS SX4 Sport ('07-'11) HS Swift (all)
TVR ES 4-cyl & inline-6 CS 8-cyl & V6
  ES V12 ES V8
Tesla SS Roadster (all) ('08-'11)    
Toyota HS Camry (4-cyl) HS Camry (V-6)('88-'91)
  GS Camry (V6) ('92-'11) HS Celica (FWD; NOC)
  HS Celica (RWD) GS Celica All-Trac Turbo
  GS Celica GT ('94-'05) GS Celica GT-S ('86-'93)
  GS Celica GTS ('00-'03) GS Celica ST ('94-'99)
  HS Corolla (all) HS Cressida
  HS Echo ES MR2 (non-turbo) ('85-'95)
  CS MR2 Spyder CS MR2 Supercharged
  CS MR2 Turbo HS Matrix (all)
  HS Paseo HS Prius
  HS Starlet HS Supra ('79-'81)
  GS Supra ('82-'86) GS Supra ('86˝-'92)
  FS Supra (non-turbo) ('93-98) FS Supra Turbo ('87-92)
  BS Supra Turbo ('93˝-'98) HS Tercel
  HS Yaris    
Triumph HS GT6 HS Spitfire
  FS Stag ES TR-8
  HS TR2 HS TR250
  HS TR7    
Volkswagen HS "Golf/GTI & Jetta (8v, all)" HS "Jetta TDI('05-'06, '09-'11)"
  GS "Passat (V6, AWD)" HS "Rabbit & GTI (all, NOC)"
  GS "VR6 (FWD, NOC)" GS 1.8L Turbo models (NOC)('02-'06)
  GS Beetle & New Beetle (1.8L Turbo) HS Beetle (2.0L)
  GS Corrado (all) HS Dasher
  HS Fox GS GLI (2.0L Turbo) ('08-'09)
  GS GTI ('06-'11) HS Golf TDI
  GS Golf/GTI & Jetta (1.8L Turbo) GS Golf/GTI & Jetta (16v)
  GS Golf/GTI & Jetta (VR6 24v)('02-'05) HS Jetta (2.5L) ('05-10)
  GS Jetta(2.0L Turbo) ('06-'11) HS New Beetle (NOC)
  GS Passat (1.8L Turbo) HS Passat (4-cyl non-turbo)
  GS Passat (V6) ('02-'08) GS Passat (W8)
  HS Quantum DS R32 (Golf chassis)
  HS Rabbit ('07-'09) GS Scirocco (16v)
  HS Scirocco (8v) HS air-cooled models (all)
  HS diesel models (all)    
Volvo GS C30 HS NOC
  HS P1800 GS S60R
  GS Turbo models (NOC) GS V70R
Yugo HS all    
Catch-all FS "V8 sedans, pick-ups, and sedan derived convertibles NOC"
Catch-all HS all RWD pickup trucks NOC

The following makes/models are not eligible for Stock Category:  

Abbreviations  AWD -- All wheel drive 

FWD -- Front wheel drive 

V -- refers to number of cylinders (V8) or valves (8V) 

RWD -- Rear wheel drive

NOC -- Not Otherwise Classified 

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