TJ’s Boudin (approximate ingredients)

Dad gave me this recipe from Tuerlings Mouton for a delicious boudin (“boo-dan”) sausage.  It’s a pre-cooked sausage with rice and pork that can be eaten right from the casing, in case anybody doesn’t know.  Thanks, Uncle Tuerlings!

Like a lot of Mouton recipes, they are made from memory and by feel, so the ingredients may vary, you have to experiment.  Here’s Uncle Tuerlings’ comment:

“It is my base and I add or subtract from it.  Taste it as you go and add or subtract as you wish.”

I had never heard of Boston Butt, it’s a pork shoulder cut as in Boston that should be available from your butcher, as described here:

Ingredients (about 10 lbs sausage): 

4 lb to 6 lb Boston Butt (pork shoulder)

2 yellow onions, chopped

2 bunches onion tops (green onions), chopped

2 tbsp salt

2 tbsp white pepper

2 tbsp red pepper

1 cup corn oil (as needed)

4 cups cooked rice

4 cloves garlic, minced

Large size sausage casings



Cook rice separately.

Boil pork until the meat begins to separate from the bone.

Remove meat from the bone and also remove fat from the meat.

Coarse-grind the cooked meat.

Grind 2 onions with the pork.

Add all seasonings to the ground pork and onions in a cooking pot.

Add some of the liquid from the boiled pork to the ground mix to make it mushier.

Cook until onions are clear and soft.

Add green onions and cooking oil and cook 5-10 minutes longer.

Add cooked rice to pork mixture in the amount you desire, and mix well.

Fill the sausage casing with the mixture.