The Moutons

An Acadian Family of Carencro, Louisiana and environs

Generated from Jerry Mouton's Genealogical information.

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These are public, no living people included:
Alcee Gonzaque Mouton's (Great Grandpa's) Ancestors
Gloria Marie Ayme's Ancestors  
Kate's Ancestors
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Jerome A Mouton, Sr. (Grandpa)
Chart of Ancestors
of Jerome A Mouton, Sr.
Jerry Mouton (Me)
List of all Moutons on the website

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There are a lot of Acadian/Cajun people in here who are not yet connected into the Mouton family, it's fun to browse through them, though.

Please email me (Jerry) if you see an error, or you want to add more information.

You can get all the genealogy info in GEDCOM form to add to your computer Genealogy program.


This information was derived from:

"The Moutons",  J. Franklin Mouton III, 1978
"Remember Us",
Lucien T. and Melba B. Martin, 1987
"In Search of our Acadian Roots" CD-ROM,
Yvon Cyr, 1994
Mouton, Ayme, Moore, Morrow,
and Trahan family information

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